Credit and Budget

The more you know about credit and money management, the better position you will be in to take advantage of the benefits of good credit. Our credit counselors will work with you to reduce your monthly debt and provide counseling to help you improve your overall credit scores.

Fresh Start-Money Management

Fresh Start Financial Management Program offers financial management training to assist anyone who has been denied a checking account for bad credit, bankruptcy, or past problems with check systems. PNC will open a checking account for you even if you’ve been reported to ChecxSystems in the past (except where fraudulent activity was reported).

Predatory Lending

Predatory lending is deceptive, fraudulent, or unfair lending practices carried out by a lender to entice. Borrowers are induced into taking a mortgage that carries high fees, a high interest rates, that strips them of their equity and puts them in a mortgage they can’t afford, don’t need, or didn’t ask for. When this happens foreclosure is often the answer homeowners face when they’re unable to pay. This situation affects not only the owner of the foreclosed property, but the entire neighborhood as well. for more information on Predatory Lending.

Micro Lending

METEC is focused on expanding our credit building products and services and offering affordable banking products to those with imperfect or no credit. With the collaboration of the Central Illinois Asset Building Coalition, and Justine Petersen we’ve partnered together to offer consumer driven financial products as an alternative to pay day lenders and an opportunity to establish credit and banking relationships.

Credit counselors works with clients to establish banking accounts, complete monthly budgets, and obtain funding for personal loans or buying their first home.