Financial Capability

Offers a platform that helps financially vulnerable families gain a foothold on the path to economic security and opportunity.
We provide individual financial coaching/ counseling that is driven by participants’ unique financial goals.
We provide employment coaching to help individuals develop marketable job skills, develop valuable work ethics and job readiness.
We connect clients to safe and affordable financial products through our partnerships with banks, credit unions and other Community Development Financial Institutions.
We provide tools that help families save money and are matched with savings programs.
We promote asset building through affordable housing and entrepreneurship with our downpayment assistance and micro lending programs.
We provide resources on managing credit and debt with the expertise of trained staff and credit building products.
We deliver financial education on a series of topics that connect clients to additional financial capability services while helping them build wealth.
We provide free tax preparation assistance and access to valuable tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit.
We facilitate access to public benefits offered by federal, state and local governments through integration of benefit screening tools.
We help families build wealth, one household at a time.